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Hello~ I'm introducing myself and this will be short no worries!
Until 9th grade I wasn't very into idols or even music, I only liked reading, but a few of the friends I made in high school where I didn't know anyone showed me the wonderful-ness of certain groups. It's been quite a while since then (Gosh, I feel old all of a sudden O.o) but basically, in 9th grade I was into Taiwanese idols, until 10th grade, when I discovered JROCK~! And why do I love Nao~because he's so funny ^^. My favorite Nao moments are...when in interviews he says funny things...and one comment with Shou, advertising Alpha, he burst out with HAJIMEYOUZE randomly and did this weird shoulder movement O.o and Shou was like "?!". And later on they both did this hynoptic dance to persuade viewers to buy Alpha ^^. And I liked when he was filming an interview of Alice Nine and started out by pointing his camera at the ceiling and saying "I'm hungry. My stomach is rumbling. Ah! There's Alice Nine!" and swings the camera. LOL. And his laugh is soo funny. And I like on a Yahoo Live Talk he told Saga, "You....are...M." And one Music Japan comment, he said, "I like MKY"...which means "can't read the atmosphere"...lol. And lots of other moments like that ^^ So, hello, and please welcome me~
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